About Me

Jordan Cline

Fireside Paranormal Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Jordan Cline. Jordan first started broadcasting in 2008 with a paranormal radio show and podcast called Whispers Radio. He was able to have conversations with some of the leaders and legends in the paranormal field. With his new show, Fireside Paranormal Podcast, Jordan wants to take those great interviews and open the door to an opportunity for more personal stories from his listeners. He believes that everyone has a story to tell. With each show the ultimate goal is to let that story be heard. Some people may not “believe” in the topic, but the guest does! Passionately! They believe they have seen or heard something and that experience is very real to them. Fireside Paranormal highlights all aspects of the paranormal with Ghosts, Aliens, Cryptids, and the Unknown. Curiosity is a driving force behind this show. It is also why he loves to end the show with “Don’t be afraid. Only believe.”
Fireside Paranormal Podcast is now streaming on all major podcast sites

Jordan attended Belmont College and Ascent Bible and Leadership College and holds degrees in Child Development & Bible and Theology. He is an ordained minister in the Christian faith.
He lives in Wheeling, WV with his wife Sarah, who occasionally joins him on the show, and their four children.

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