November 8 2021 Brian Clary and Theresa Racer

Today on Fireside Paranormal Podcast, Jordan Cline welcomes Brian Clary and Theresa Racer to the show!

Brian Clary has been involved in paranormal research for close to 20 years. He is a full time teacher in a youth residential facility, and is on the Board of Directors at The Museum of Radio and Technology in Huntington. 

Theresa Racer is also a long time veteran in paranormal investigating . She was formerly of the now defunct Huntington Paranormal, and publishes Theresa’s Haunted History blog and has been involved in various crypto/paranormal books and research.

Their group is SRI: Spectral Research and Investigation-Huntington WV. Their mission is to pursue the truth with scientifically sound reasoning and to provide validation to their clients experiences, while also advancing the field of paranormal research in Southern West Virginia.

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